A few words about Kentico

Kentico, the all in one CMS, E-commerce and Online Marketing platform allows developers to easily create a meaningful user experience without the hassle of mixing and matching systems that aren't pieces from the same puzzle. Other CMS platforms require previous knowledge of different systems and how they work together to successfully develop a website.

For all you scratching your head from the acronyms above, here's a quick lesson:

CMS (Content Management System) refers to the program in which a website is made that can be easily edited by users that aren't developers.

ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft that allows programmers to use a full featured programming language to easily build web applications.

So Kentico for ASP.NET is really a win-win-win for developers, editors and end users. It offers additional benefits including a user friendly dashboard for content editors, an easier way to manage media (photos, videos, PDF files) for simple edits, and quicker loading time due to minimal code and advanced caching functionalities. All these are the main reasons which over 20,000 active websites use Kentico CMS platform.