1-on-1 with the Kentico giant

The first unforgettable experiences of a junior developer when he started interacting with Kentico CMS.

As a developer when I was given the opportunity to interact with the Kentico platform I had mixed feelings. In this article I will try to chronicle my most notable encounters.

The first meeting

You have your username, you have your password, you have your fully operational Kentico installation, now is the time to dive in and explore. After an hour of wandering into the administration user interface (UI) more or less you feel completely lost. So many possibilities, so many functionalities and you have just started your trip. Your head is ready to explode and some of your first thoughts are "How am I going to learn all these new things ?", "Is it possible to remember everything ?", "WHERE IS THE SIGN OUT ?". Just calm yourself down and take a step back. No you don't have to remember or learn by heart every little thing that exist in Kentico. We are talking about a colossal content management system (CMS) here, so no one is expecting you to be an expert in every area. (Not at the beginning at least !! :P)

Allies and weapons

In my battle against Kentico I was lucky to have colleagues, already experts in Kentico, who helped me a lot with their proper guidance and their valuable advices to overcome every difficult situation I may got myself into. If you are lucky enough to have such partners your journey will be a lot easier, but if you are not do not falter. The Kentico provides you with clearly the best and most analytical documentation I have ever seen. 
Detailed description of almost every part of the system exists alongside various examples of how to create a simple page or even an application interface (API). Use all that and you have nothing to be afraid of.

The takedown

Little by little your knowledge around Kentico will be expanded and you will notice that your daily occupation with the CMS is becoming more enjoyable even addictive sometimes. The fact is that after you start understanding how thing work and how easily you can create complex sites or implement advanced functionalities, you get a feeling of excitement and accomplishment and you want more and more of that. As the time passes and you continue your training you will be able to beat every challenge the giant throws at you and beat it to the ground like a modern society hi tech David.