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Kentico is a fully featured platform for content management, e-commerce & online marketing. It can be installed on private hosting or on the cloud and leads business evolution of all types of companies.

With it, we can build awesome websites that help you deal with your clients' digital experience in a dynamic corporate environment. The variety of out-of-the-box modules, ease of paramerization and extensibility of the Kentico platform, allows for a fast and future proof development from start to launch. Combined with the complete set of integrated solutions including Online Marketing, E-Commerce, Online Communities, Intranet and Collaboration, Kentico optimizes the digital experience of the visitor through multiple channels.

Kentico has over 1,000 digital solution partners and is used on more than 25,000 websites in 100+ countries.

Nortech has been a Kentico Gold Partner since 2008 and has 4 Kentico certified developers. In the last 10+ years we have developed all kinds of Kentico websites and have gained valuable experience.

Have a look at the basic categories of Kentico websites we develop. We'll be happy to talk to you about how we can cooperate together on your next Kentico project.

Corporate Websites

Each company has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the competition of its industry. The same should apply to its website. It should be unique and tailored to the features and functionalities that its owners want to show.

Kentico enables us to achieve this goal every time! We start with your ideas. We analyze them and then implement them using embedded or customized platform operations.

Visual design without "losses"

You imagined it. It was designed. We will implement it as it is, without losses, using separate page templates for each section of your website.

Content for your needs

Enter a new information, a service or a branch in custom designed forms, without unnecessary fields. Use any of the built-in features you want, like blog, forums, contact forms, polls, and more.

Custom development

Suppose that you want to present a service or a product in a unique, customised way. Kentico enables us to develop new functionalities to meet your current or future requirements.

Upgrade, extend

Keep your website safe, fast and modern without effort and excessive charges. Add functionalities to your running web site when you need them. Your Kentico website can be upgraded and extended with great ease!


Kentico's E-Commerce solution includes a vast collection of pre-installed, ready-to-use features that allows you to deal only with what you want: the sales processes of your brand new e-shop!

The sophisticated features of Kentico E-Commerce will cover all your demands.

The decisions are taken by you

Complete adaptation of the environment to the visual design you have chosen. Comprehensive and ready-to-use reports of sales, orders, stocks and customers.

Checkout with your own way

Configure checkout steps as you want, taking visitors using mobile devices into account.

Provide your customers with options

Do not trust systems telling you "this cannot be done", "you do not need this". With Kentico you can give your customers exactly what you think they deserve, without any loss of functionality

Sell anywhere

Expand your clientele by leveraging features such as multilingual support, easy translation management, multiple currency units and multiple ways of sending and paying.

Make the prices as you want

Almost any pricing policy you have imagined to promote your products, can be implemented by applying discount rules on products, orders, shipping methods and more ..

Smart e-business features

Provide your customers with a shopping experience tailored to their interests, using sophisticated marketing tools such as personalized content and personalized suggestions.

Community Websites

Create an online community for your company or your project and attract visitors who will engage in mutually beneficial actions. Simply and easily, using the Kentico Online Communities solution.

Here is the heart of your company

Give your company a pulse. Present new ideas and get helpful opinions from your visitors.

Corporate writing

Create corporate blogs with full control over all published content through approval streams and control of annotations submitted by visitors.

Encourage discussions

Allow community members to engage in beneficial discussions through forums and groups.

Contact directly

Allow guests to communicate in real time via private messages or via chat rooms. Provide live chat support.

Maintain proper community

Ensure that the content of community contains no objectionable content through abuse reporting and detection.

Link to social networking sites

Allow your visitors to register via their account on Facebook, Live ID and Open ID and share content.

Custom Development

We have the experience and the ability to implement the specifications of your solution. Even if you do not have complete specifications, we can design them together. With Kentico it is certain that we can make your project a reality. Invest in Kentico's solution.


Kentico resembles plasticine regarding ease of adjustment. We can change every area of the management environment so you can work with ease and without complexity.


We can build modular extensions, implementing the solution you want to integrate into your website.


We are able to interconnect your website with third party systems for direct exchange of information and data synchronization.


Your system grows up with you. Kentico provides the resources you need to cope with future needs in users, traffic and functionality. With Kentico it won't be necessary to change your system because you grew up.

Let's Start a Kentico Project

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Are you looking for a complete, cutting-edge platform for your digital presence combined with a state-of-the-art, experienced development team?

Choose Kentico, an all-in-one fully integrated Content Management System, E-commerce, and Online Marketing solution. Employ our fully-qualified Kentico expert development team. We are ready to discuss your project and suggest a solution tailored to your specific needs.

What do you need?

Expert development

If you're looking for an expert Kentico development team, look no further. We'll be happy to cooperate and share our technical knowledge with you.

A Robust Content Management System

Trying to figure out which CMS fits your needs now and in the future? Choose Kentico and rely on the capabilities of an all-in-one CMS, e-commerce and online marketing solution.

A Kentico Solution

If you've chosen Kentico as the platform for your idea, we agree with you. Now you just need a qualified development team to make it true. Let's talk and let's get started.

Maintenance & Support

You already use Kentico and are looking for the best team to maintain your solution? Even consult and evolve it further? With our support services we've got you fully-covered.

A Kentico License

Do you need to buy or renew a Kentico license? Don't know which one fits you best? We fully understand the Kentico licensing model, so that we can advise you on the best deal.

What next?

We’re ready to help you understand everything you need to know. Let’s start.

Have a hosted Kentico website up and running in minutes, so you can play around.